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Approval Process & Operations Manuals
" Any operator seeking RVSM approval would be wise to use AeroMech's services."
Hawker 700 Operator

Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) airspace is currently implemented or scheduled for implementation in numerous regions throughout the world. Following RVSM implementation, any airplane that has not secured RVSM approval will not be permitted to fly between FL290 to FL410 in these regions.

Group or Non-Group Certification

Decide whether to approve your aircraft through a Group or Non-Group (individual aircraft) certification program. Aircraft may be approved as part of a group, or on an individual basis, depending on the airframe configuration, avionics equipment, and the availability of applicable RVSM Service Bulletins and/or Supplemental Type Certificates (STC).

Equipment Requirements

The candidate aircraft must have an air data system that meets the configuration and equipment requirements of RVSM. AeroMech can provide consultation regarding an appropriate RVSM avionics solution for your aircraft. To determine whether equipment upgrades will be required for your aircraft, feel free to fill out our avionics questionnaire. (Reference Documents)

Airworthiness Approval

Preparation of a RVSM Data Package (compliance document) is required for airworthiness approval. The RVSM Data Package contains substantiation of equipment/system performance and defines compliance procedures for initial and continued airworthiness approval. An STC or Service Bulletin is developed from the content of the RVSM Data Package, and approved by the applicable certifying authority. Successful Data Package development is fundamental to all RVSM certification programs and is the core of AeroMech's RVSM experience.

Operator Approval

Operator Approval is required to ensure that all RVSM specific airworthiness requirements are met and maintained, and that appropriate training programs and operating practices have been established. Approval to conduct RVSM operations is issued through a Letter of Authorization (LOA) or equivalent Operations Specification from the appropriate local certifying authority. Application for operational approval should be submitted 60 days prior to expected operation in RVSM airspace. AeroMech can provide assistance to operators seeking Operational approval.

Monitoring Program

A program to monitor or verify aircraft height keeping performance is typically required as part of the RVSM certification process. Coordinate with your local certifying authority as necessary.

Guidance Material

Please refer to the FAA and/or JAA guidance material and related documentation for RVSM requirements, as well as a complete description of the RVSM approval process. This information and other RVSM Resources can be accessed through our RVSM Links page.

Please feel free to contact us for additional information on the RVSM Approval Process.

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