Halosil is the industry leader in disinfection and pathogen control, and provides the disinfection solution of choice across a diverse set of critical environments and infection-conscious industries. Halosil was the first to secure an EPA label on a fogging product in 2012. At a time when this technology was relatively new to the healthcare industry, Halosil took it upon itself to educate them and revolutionize the disinfection process. Halosil has been a game changer, and their many testimonials will speak for this.

Halosil has partnered with AeroMech Incorporated, an experienced aviation certification company based in Everett, WA, to bring their world-class disinfection system to the aviation industry. We (AeroMech) hold an Organization Designation Authorization (ODA), and are authorized by the FAA to issue aircraft STCs and perform our own certification activities. Holding an ODA demonstrates the FAA’s trust in our procedures, processes, and systems, and we take this responsibility very seriously. Our plan is to substantiate use of the Halosil products and disinfection systems on aircraft in accordance with standard procedures for aircraft certification. Although no clear federal regulations exist on the application and composition of these disinfection systems, AeroMech is uniquely qualified through its ODA processes to develop substantiation that the product and process are acceptable from a flammability, electronics compatibility and corrosion/erosion standpoint.

The proliferation of new disinfection technologies in light of COVID 19 has provided aircraft manufacturers, operators, and owners with numerous options. However, research reveals conflicting information regarding claims of efficacy and aircraft compatibility. This technology is fairly new to aviation, and consumers can easily become misinformed or confused, so it is our goal to demystify the concerns over disinfection systems, both from an effectivity and aircraft compatibility perspective. AeroMech is the aviation dealer for Halosil, we are committed to setting a new standard for aircraft disinfection. We are researching all worldwide aviation regulatory concerns that may be associated with cabin sanitation processes in general, and are communicating regularly with the FAA to disseminate results of our research. We are very confident that the Halosil system is superior than any other system currently offered in the aviation market, and AeroMech will soon conclude additional lab testing and substantiation documentation to support this claim.

The Halo Disinfection System (HDS) is an EPA approved whole room disinfection system certified to eliminate 99.9999% (6-log) of pathogens. In the past seven years, thousands of systems have been to healthcare and research clients, as well as to schools, nursing homes, EMS, and public transportation customers. The HDS offers the highest level of disinfection on all known surface types, at an affordable price point, with an easy to use interface, and excellent material compatibility. The system diffuses the HaloMist disinfectant very efficiently compared to traditional spray products, and is safer to apply, since the applicator personnel is not exposed to the HaloMist during the treatment. HaloMist complies with important aviation specifications such as AMS 1550B, AMS 1452B, and Boeing D6-7127. In addition to meeting these requirements, AeroMech is in the process of performing additional tests to account for the specific disinfection requirements of each manufacturer to ensure the product is safe for use on their specific airframes and interiors.

We are very confident in our system’s ability to eradicate a broad spectrum of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, fungi, C. difficile spores, etc.) to a level commensurate with hospital and operating room standards, and to bring this capability to the aviation industry. We are certain of the system’s design and effectivity, and have already tested the system on several aircraft. At the moment, we are currently approved by Honeywell, and on NBAA’s list of recommended products. The Halo Disinfection System has also been successfully deployed in aircraft during the short lived Ebola and H1N1 crisis, and we are seeing an increased demand in aviation applications due to COVID-19. This system will eradicate pathogens responsible for bacteria and virus proliferation, for both the known viruses of the present time, and the unknown viral strains of tomorrow.

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