Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD] is a method of solving the fundamental equations governing fluid flow processes. A CFD analysis can provide information on important flow characteristics and processes, such as pressure and temperature variations, flow distribution, mixing rates and chemical reactions. A CFD analysis complements testing and experimentation, providing additional insight and confidence in a particular design or process. The results are better, faster designs and accelerated time to the marketplace for a product or process.

AeroMech is uniquely qualified to provide CFD analysis services for an entire scope of fluid flow and related problems. Simple or complex geometries can be studied with a steady-state or transient analysis. Incompressible or compressible flows with or without the effects of viscosity can be readily analyzed, including the effects of heat transfer and convection. Rotating and translating components can also be effectively modeled and analyzed.

AeroMech’s technical consultants will model and analyze your component, configuration, or process with the most progressive 3-D design and analysis tools. Ground, sea, and air vehicles of any configuration can be analyzed under either simple or highly complex conditions. AeroMech can also design modifications and other improvements to an existing design or component.

Join the many manufacturing and design industries that are benefiting from the unique insight a CFD analysis provides. Whether you’re designing an entire configuration, new assembly or component, or you’re developing a design modification, AeroMech can provide you with the CFD analysis service specific for your needs.

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