Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing

AeroMech sets new progressive standards in the use of Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing [CAD/CAM]. Computer simulation of the airframes and systems allows for rapid visualization and analysis. Application specific instrumentation is generated from the data established. Rapid prototyping of instrumentation is accomplished by analyzing a simulated configuration for function prior to cutting metal.

  • Computer simulation is used to establish a database for export to a number of analysis systems.
  • Models generated in the simulation phase can be produced for further design critique.
  • Computer generated data is used to refine techniques, tooling, and/or part simplification.
  • Computer simulation allows initial development as well as refinement of existing airframes and structures.
  • Simulation allows designers to establish critical areas and assess the need for analysis.
  • Simulation data can be extracted and used to generate functional models of any scale.

AeroMech has experience in design and manufacturing of instruments, tooling, and assemblies for aircraft and other critical design applications. Contact AeroMech today to discuss your specific CAD/CAM requirements.