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AeroMech Certifies Twin Commander Aircraft

AeroMech has obtained group RVSM certification for the Twin Commander model 690C, 690D, 695, 695A & 695B aircraft. AeroMech worked in conjunction with Twin Commander and two of their authorized service centers, Byerly Aviation and Eagle Creek Aviation Services to complete the flight testing necessary for the program. The RVSM certification is applied in conjunction with Twin Commander's installation STCs that provide three unique avionics configurations. Class 1 of the RVSM STC works with dual Meggitt ADAHRS (Air Data Attitude Heading Reference System) along with their Primary Flight Displays on the Meggitt Magic® 2100 DFCS autopilot system. Class 2 utilizes a pair of IS&S ADDUs for airframes with the APS-65, AP-106, or KFC-300 autopilot systems. The third class, Class 3, is a combination of the two, using the Meggitt ADAHRS system for the pilot and incorporating an IS&S ADDU in for the copilot on aircraft equipped with the Meggitt Magic® 2100 DFCS autopilot system. Twin Commander operators that are interested in seeking to obtain RVSM certification should contact Twin Commander directly.

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