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AeroMech Receives FAA's ODA Designation

AeroMech Incorporated announced today the receipt of an FAA designation that allows it to act on behalf of the FAA in several specialized areas of aircraft systems design and certification. The FAA designation, known as Organization Designation Authorization (ODA), is reserved for qualified aerospace companies that have displayed an in-depth knowledge of aircraft design, a command of the Federal Aviation Regulations, and sound judgment in finding compliance with FAA regulations. Organizational designations such as ODA allow the FAA to operate more efficiently by reducing the amount of administrative activities associated with their oversight activities.

AeroMech has received the designation for its ongoing work in two specific areas of aerospace engineering: altimetry systems certification for broad range of business and commercial aircraft as well as a system design and installation certification that allows AeroMech to develop cockpit system upgrades for several makes of business aviation aircraft. The designation follows a rigorous application and review effort in which company procedures were documented to the satisfaction of the FAA.

AeroMech will celebrate the FAA designation today (Monday, March 16th) at the Flying Heritage Collection at Paine Field from 3:00 PM to 6:30 PM.

About AeroMech Incorporated: AeroMech was started in 1995 by former Boeing employees to serve a worldwide customer base that operates a variety of business, commercial, and military aircraft. Early business opportunities focused on using flight-testing and aerodynamics analysis to certify aircraft to meet more stringent European and U.S. regulations for altimeters and autopilots. Current company projects continue the altimetry system emphasis, but are now expanding to include other cockpit equipment-related upgrades. The Everett-based company now employs fourteen engineers and technicians.

Contact: For additional information, please contact Brian Smith at 425-252-3236

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