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King Air 200-B200-300-B300 RVSM Approval Updated for SPZ-4000 Equipped Airframes

AeroMech has added the SPZ-4000 autopilot to the already certified RVSM Group approval on the King Air Legacy aircrafts. Working under the direction of Raytheon, AeroMech has developed an RVSM solution to ensure that King Air owners and operators are not left out of RVSM airspace. The upgraded avionics are installed using a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that was developed by ARINC. Previous solutions are currently available for the APS-80 and APS-65 autopilot. In addition, King Air B200s and B300s equipped with the Collins ProLine 21 were factory approved for RVSM through AeroMech’s certification. Interested King Air operators should contact Raytheon directly through their RAPID distribution service.

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