RVSM Approved STC List


Group STC’s:

An RVSM Group is defined as a group of aircraft of nominally identical design and build with respect to all details that could influence the accuracy of height keeping performance.

AeroMech has completed RVSM Group certification programs and has obtained Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for the aircraft models listed here. Aircraft operators can secure RVSM approval by purchasing the applicable STC and implementing the instructions and/or procedures specified therein. Please feel free to contact us to determine whether your aircraft systems meet or can be upgraded to meet the group standard specified within each STC.

AeroMech is currently in the process of completing additional Group STC revisions to incorporate additional aircraft model types and avionics configurations. Please contact AeroMech for updated information on programs in process.

Non-Group (Individual Aircraft) STC’s:

Non-Group aircraft are defined as aircraft for which an operator applies for RVSM approval on the characteristics of the unique airframe rather than on a group basis.

Non-Group programs are ideal for operators who cannot, or choose not to, upgrade their aircraft to meet group standards. AeroMech has completed over 100 Non-Group RVSM programs and has obtained STCs or equivalent approvals for numerous aircraft model types. Note that Non-Group RVSM STCs are airframe specific and, therefore, applicable only to the particular aircraft serial number listed within each STC.

Equipment upgrades may be required as part of the Non-Group approval process. To determine whether equipment upgrades will be required for your aircraft, feel free to fill out our avionics questionnaire.

Contact AeroMech for detailed information regarding the Non-Group approval process.