RVSM Certification

AeroMech manages and executes the necessary engineering, administrative and logistical tasks required for RVSM certification. RVSM programs typically involve two main activities:

  1. Air data system upgrades/retrofits from the current configuration
  2. RVSM certification of the candidate airframe or fleet of aircraft

AeroMech provides aircraft operators with assistance in determining a suitable avionics upgrade or modification necessary for RVSM equipment and configuration compliance.

The RVSM Certification process involves several engineering tasks, including flight testing, data analysis, aircraft systems configuration and performance substantiation, airframe inspection and aerodynamic analysis, and the development of analytical altimetry system models and component error budgets. Following successful completion of these engineering tasks, AeroMech establishes the maintenance requirements for initial and continued airworthiness. The engineering analysis and RVSM performance substantiation are compiled into the RVSM Certification Data Package. The RVSM Certification Data Package is then reviewed and approved in-house by an AeroMech engineer delegated with RVSM Approval Authority from the FAA. Upon completion, AeroMech is able to then issue the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) directly as part of our ODA delegation.

The RVSM STC requires installation of the appropriate air data system. The RVSM STC also contains the Instructions for Initial and Continued Airworthiness (IICA) and RVSM Airplane Flight Manual Supplement (AFMS).

Contact AeroMech for detailed information regarding the RVSM approval process.