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Comprehensive Experience

AeroMech is a FAA ODA that owns and maintains over 200 STCs for avionics modifications and RVSM certification. The ODA allows for AeroMech to issue STCs on behalf of the FAA.

AeroMech is the worldwide leader in RVSM flight testing and certification services.

Nearly 10,000 aircraft have been incorporated with AeroMech engineering solutions worldwide through 20 civil aviation authorities, and AeroMech has completed over 425 flight test programs.

Unrivaled Expertise

The AeroMech team maintains an impressive range of capabilities, including RVSM flight testing and certification, a wide range of CFD services, aircraft engineering and certification services, avionics kits, GMU height monitoring flights, full service on-site modifications, aero performance analyses, and CAD/CAM expertise.

With such comprehensive experience introduced into every program, AeroMech’s clients can be absolutely assured of technically superior and cost-effective engineering solutions.